Review of Paper Street Weaving ‘Seaglass’ Tester

This is a long long overdue review, but one that had to be written because it was necessary that I tell you all how AMAZING this wrap is.

Paper Street Weaving is Deidre, a wonderful mother, internet friend of mine and apparently an amazing weaver too. She offered to send me this tester as it travelled around a few UK mums and I was delighted to get the chance to try it.

Ordinarily I like bold colours, I’m not into pale blues or purples, and nor do I like particularly cushy wraps. This wrap – Seaglass – proved me wrong on all accounts, and I fell head over heels in love. A size 4.2m tencel and cotton wrap (around 60% cotton and 40% tencel), this wraps short, partly due to the thickness of the blend, the density of the diamond weave, and also the blunt tapers typical of a handwoven.

Despite this, it wrapped beautifully in every carry I tried, although due to the bulkiness of the wrap it required careful sandwiching of the shoulders in carries like a Ruck – but that may have been because I have small shoulders. It shone in a Shepherds Carry with my toddler though – strong, supportive and as floppy as anything I couldn’t have wished for a more comfortable wrap to carry my big then-almost 2 year old.

These pictures were of us on our way out to a party. We received many complements. I felt classy as well as comfy, despite wearing colours much paler than I would normally. I could talk for hours about how beautifully this wrapped, but actually, the magic of the choice of weave, choice of colours and the subtle details of the accents is what makes this so special. It is simply beautiful. The tail accents are delicate and the choice of colours complementary.

Tencel isn’t a fibre I am intimately familiar with, but when I’ve wrapped with it in the past, I haven’t been impressed. This blew the other wraps in the past out of the water. This was soft, mouldable, floppy and held in place beautifully. It might have been a touch too bouncy for my liking had it not been combined with the diamond weave which added some density and stability to the stretch.


Overall I loved Seaglass. I kept it far too long and never wanted it to leave. I’m not sure if it has found its forever home yet but I will definitely be interested if it ever appears for sale. It is the perfect everyday toddler wrap, strong and sturdy, but beautiful enough for fancy occasions, and soft enough for newborns. I can’t sing its praises enough.

I’m so excited to see what Deidre does next. Every time a new wrap pops up on the loom, Paper Street Weaving seems to create something new and something gorgeous. I’ve heard lots of other great reviews of other wraps, and I look forward to owning my own Paper Street wrap in the future, and I recommend trying or buying one to everyone else if you get the chance!


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