I’ve had itchy fingers for a long time

and it is only now that I have been able to motivate myself to start writing again. Parenthood is a an odd journey; one that everyone seems to experience differently.

I plan on using this space to share my experiences. I often feel somewhat alienated from other parenting communities. I’m a younger mother, a gentle, natural, attachment parent, a student, a working mum, a babywearer, a political activist and a wife. I would like to bake more than I do, I don’t have time for pinterest. Once upon a time I would have considered myself a poet, or a writer of something far more artistic than I imagine that this blog will end up being.

Recently I’ve begun fueling my passion for babywearing (and my rather expensive wrap addiction) by holidaying and testing wraps, and the final motivating factor for me starting this page was to create a space where I could review wraps/carriers and post pretty pictures. You’ll hopefully see some wrap review posts pop up soon, but I’ve also got a dissertation to write so I’m not sure how soon that will actually happen…


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